VCD Clipper also has the power of VCD clipping and makes it easy to clip the VCD (*.Dat) format without re-encoding.
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VCD Clipper

VCD ClipperVCD (CD disk) is the full name of Video-CD, It is a new technology into practical in the second half of 1993, Also known as Video CD disc. VCD is the product based MPEG-1 compression technology which was adopted as the standardization by ISO International Organization in 1991. Therefore, VCD uses the same 5-inch-diameter disc (CD-V, CD-V, and so on as big in size), but can play 74 minutes of full-screen, full-motion, stereo video.

With VCD Clipper, you can clip vcd files easy and fast!

VCD Clipper also has the power of VCD clipping. It makes it easy to clip the VCD (*.Dat) format without re-encoding, Easy and well-rounded output settings rely on manual customizations, and let users format their video for popular outputs like MP4, FLV, 3GP, WMV, AVI, ASF, etc. If you need to clip the other video formats using the software, it is also little case, it will easily achieve your division task because it already contains almost all codecs you need.

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Video EditorThis version is for Windows™. If you are using Apple Mac OS X, please click here.

Guide to use VCD Clipper:

This is the user tutorial on how to clip VCD with VCD Clipper.

1) Download (Free) VCD Clipper and install it.

VCD Clipper

2) On the top of the VCD Clipper, please click VCD Clipper to import your source VCD files.

3) You can preview your source video in the preview window and view to get the clip you want to cut.

Video Cutter

4) Slide the Slider Bar to select where you want the new clip to start from, and then click VCD Clipper the "Mark Start Time" button to mark the start point. Next, move the slider bar until it reaches where you want the video clip to end and click VCD Clipper the "Mark End Time".

5) Select a clipping Mode as you like. You can select the region you marked to clip to one video clip; You can clip your video by length averagely or by time averagely.

VCD Clipper

6) Change the output format as you like;

VCD Clipper

7) Sepcify the directory for output files by clicking VCD Clipper the button, or just use the default directory.

8) Click VCD Clipper button to split the VCD video into clips.

9) If you are using free trial VCD clipper, you need to click Later to pass the registration code Windows poped up.


Then the VCD video clipping process will start and complete in few seconds or minutes. You can enjoy your creative easily!

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VCD Clipper also has the power of VCD clipping and makes it easy to clip the VCD (*.Dat) format without re-encoding.